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Arlecchino and the Witch Rosega Ramarri


 ‘Rain and Sun, the Witchs go in love’…  Also the Witchs go in love, but if she is the Witch Rosega Ramarri, then happen only troubles.

The Witch is in love. She love the old Pantalone, so bewitch the beautiful Colombina and prepare a magic potion of Love for Pantalone. Unfortunately Arlecchino, servant of Pantalone, drink the potion and fall in love with the witch Rosega. She not appreciate and transform Arlecchino in a Wolf. Brighella, with the help of the children, save the friend Arlecchino against the Witch, the Devil, the Dragon.


Traditional venetian Puppet Show in a great castelet: a venetian Square with channel and Well.  On the right the House of the Witch,  opposite the House of Pantalone and Arlecchino.

Commedia de l’arte for Puppets

Characters: Pantalone (old and rich man, master of Arlecchino); Arlecchino (servant of Pantalone and in love with Colombina); Colombina (very nice young girl, servant of Pantalone and in love with Arlecchino); Brighella (friend of Arlecchino); Rosega Ramarri (Witch); Ciceri Ciaceri (incompetent Wizard); the Devil; the Dog and the Dragon.


Puppeteers: Paolo Papparotto and Cristina Marin.


Minimum cluttered m. 2,80 x m. 1,80 high m. 2,30

Time of the Show 1 h.

Assemblage 2 h, desassemblage 2 h.

The show can be staged outdoors.



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